Drug addiction can destroy a society. If it comes about a family, it could be a massive disaster. Addiction destroys faith and trust. Addicted people can do anything for managing the money to take drugs. People often commit a crime or take hustling to get money for addition. An addicted person is a curse for the family and society. Addiction spreads like a storm.

Amar Home is the name of confidence to a family of an addicted person. We know the patients come to us with hope and dream to get a normal life. We know the expectation from us. Therefore, we always advance our hands of love to bring a new life for them.

We know addiction kills normal life. When a patient comes to us, he has already killed his normal life. We help them to go to their normal life and send them back to society after complete recovery. The patients go back to the society like they have a second chance to live. We count the day when our patient goes back to the world as his birthday. Next year on the same day we celebrate his birthday from Amar Home family. We name the celebration is the clean birthday of our patient.

As clean birthday is an innovative concept, you may have some confusion. Suppose one of our patients come to Amar Home today to take four months inpatient care. After four months he becomes completely cure and leaves Amar Home to the society on 1 of a month. Next year on the same date of the same month, we celebrate his new birthday.

Our patient spends all day with us. He speaks about his experience of new life to our patients to encourage and motivate them. His motivational speech encourages our patients to go ahead from the addiction and enjoy the enormous beauty of life. He also talks about the past, present, and future.

Sometimes the family members of the patients come in the clean birthday, share the past, and present. We feel proud to see the happy face of our patients and their family. Our happiness knows no bound to see the glaze in their eyes.

Amar Home is not only an addiction care center but also a family. After treatment, we never leave our patients alone. We always follow up with our patients. This outpatient care makes us the best social treatment center for addicts.

By forming a family value, Amar home continues its work. This path of creating family culture was not smooth always. But we overcome all the hindrance to set a milestone.

Clean birthday is our innovative concept. This concept energizes our patients to do something special for society and family. Therefore, our new patients get a clear overview of the society and their acceptance. The patients can also decide how to act in the future.

Amar home is the trustworthy partner for you to stop addiction and recover the family member.