The entire family is affected by one’s drug addiction. We all suffer in many ways when a member of our family suffers. Families also suffer when their loved ones begin to show alternative behaviors that cause them to lie, steal or otherwise manipulate family members in order to continue their drug or alcohol use and abuse. It can be very challenging to understand for both the addicted person and the family. We offer family support for drug addiction that is vital in the drug addiction treatment process. The support precisely focuses on recovering individuals and their families. Family members are encouraged to attend the family meetings for a dynamic educational and process group that allows for open communication and mutual understanding of expectations, family systems, codependence, enabling behavior, relapse, and boundary setting Continue Reading (link to family Support Page)

The family carries the most profound and long-lasting influence on a recovering addict’s improvement. At AMAR Home we believe that involving the family in the treatment process is essential to the client’s success. A robust family program is a key component of the AMAR Home approach. In addition, to the drug addiction treatment, we work with families not just to provide education but focus on real support and tools for success. Just as each client is unique, so is each family. Therefore, individualized family therapy session, as well as group therapy, are included in the drug addiction treatment process. Through our family support program, we try to educate and empower the family member how to deal with their loved one who is drug dependent.

First and foremost, it is vital to understand that drug abuse addiction is a family disease. Coming to terms with and confronting a loved one’s addiction is one of the most challenging aspects of seeking drug addiction treatment. Because if this, some family members and friends choose to ignore the problem, pushing their loved ones further into isolation and addiction. However, we need to know that most drug abusers seek treatment because of positive family intervention, involvement, and support. The support of a loving family can make a world of difference to the success of the recovery process. Small efforts can yield big results. It helps the patient feel that he is surrounded by and worthy of a loving family. AMAR Home drug treatment center gets every available resource at them to enhance a client’s recovery process, including the family member, close friends, and other key peoples into the entering, treatment, discharge and recovery phases of drug addiction treatment. Family engagement can increase an individual’s compliance during treatment. Here the recovering person has relapsed and encouraged a sustained life in sobriety. In addition, if a relapse occurs, family members may be able to pinpoint the relapse and trigger to take actions to prevent its recurrence.

Types of Family Involvement

Most facilities sequester patients from their families in the initial stages of rehab therapy for addiction by imposing a strict no-contact policy early on. There are many essential reasons and every one of those reasons keeps an eye on the ultimate prize – a future free of addiction.

The first reason is to remove the family factors from the drug treatment. Families have their own things for being better and worse. The pace of treatment can be changed by adding extreme pressure or allowing the addictive behavior.

Another important factor to consider is that families provide a distraction from the routine of the drug addiction treatment process. In the initial days of treatment, establishing the routine and keeping it is vital to the detoxification and early treatment cycle.

Other things happen during these initial days when family members aren’t in contact with patients. The treatment is to motivate that they are able to step back and take a more objective look at the situation. Moreover, guiding them, the role they have played in the past as well as defining the role they’d like to play in the future.

Fortunately, the no contact stage of treatment is relatively short. The families can take comfort in knowing their loved ones are getting the treatment they need to recover from their addictions. Ultimately, this is a necessary step in a much bigger process.

The time when a loved one or family member is going through drug addiction treatment, it is equally difficult for the other member. Drug addiction happens in families in all shapes and sizes and from all walk of life. It affects the entire family and the entire family has a role to play in the recovery process. Family-based therapy is one of the critical steps to take on the road to recovery. For some people who turn to drugs from escape, restructuring family dynamic is critical to the successful rehabilitation. AMAR Home offers monthly meetings for family members at some points during the treatment process.

These meetings provide excellent opportunities for family members to show their support for the loved ones. It allows the patients to see that they aren’t going through it alone. The meetings have benefits as they educate family members about addiction, recovery and supports available to them. Perhaps, the important thing is that the family members can do to educate themselves.

Education, during this time, is a primary way to understand addiction and how families must deal with it.