How Drug Rehab Program Works

Drug addiction is a terrible practice that harms both the addict and the people surrounding him. It affects the addict physically, mentally, psychologically, and even economically. Besides, having an addict in the family also hinders the regular activities of the family, because, in most of the cases, the addict tends to have vulgar behaviors. Such behavior leads the addict to become isolated and makes permanent damage in his life.But fortunately, nowadays, there are many drug rehab programs that are dedicated to initiating a path of recovery for drug addicts. They offer so many different types of recovery programs for different types of addiction, as drug addiction is different in different people. That’s why choosing the right drug rehab program is extremely important for a successful recovery.

Here we will help you to have a clear understanding of drug rehab programs and how drug rehab program works. So that you will be able to choose the right drug rehab program that will help you achieve your sobriety and maintain it afterward.

Can Drug Addicts Recover from Drug Addiction?

Drug addictions is a neurobiological disease, or you can say a brain disease. The ingredients of drugs affect the brain and the way the brain works. It starts its effects by targeting the brain’s rewarding system. When a person takes drugs for the first time, his brain releases a substance called dopamine. This dopamine creates an immense pleasure that makes it hard for the person to resist. The person tries to experience it again and again and thus his brain becomes dependent on the drug. Hence, he falls victim to drug addiction.

As his brain becomes dependent on the drug, he can’t avoid the urge of taking drugs. It affects his psychology in a way that he believes that he can’t function properly if he doesn’t take the drug. This effect in the brain can be long term, and if it’s left untreated it can be fatal.

There’s no instant cure to such drug addiction. But as the drug affects the functionality of the brain by making it dependent on the drug, if you can reverse this dependence you can initiate the path of recovery. With the proper treatment, a drug addict can fully recover from his drug addiction. The key to such recovery is a well-suited drug rehab program.

What’s Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab helps drug-addicted people to recover from their addiction and lead a healthy life. Some drug rehab programs help with a specific drug addiction recovery. Some programs help in a broader way with multiple addiction recovery and even from mental illness related to drug addiction.

Most of the drug rehab programs allow the addicts to leave when they want to. Because drug rehabilitation is most effective when the addict has very strong will power. There are some drug rehab centers that take addicts who are compelled to attend rehab due to family requests or even court order.

Some rehab centers are gender specified and some even age specified. Some offer basic facilities, some even offer luxury facilities. As drug addiction is different in different people, drug rehab programs also have a variety.

But there’s one thing common in all drug rehabilitation programs that they will help you to recover from the drug addiction and help you to maintain it and lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

When to Go for a Drug Rehab Program?

In most of the cases, drug addicts fail to realize that they have a problem. Drug addiction starts with taking a small dosage of drugs. But after taking drugs continuously for a few days, it requires more dosage to feel the same immense pleasure. In this way, the addiction keeps getting worse if left untreated.

There are 11 symptoms to detect the level of your drug addiction. The level starts from mild addiction and then elevates to moderate and severe addiction. You can determine the level of your drug addiction based on how many symptoms you can see in yourself. If you have 2 to 3 symptoms, you are in a mild state. You can recover fully with a mild diagnosis. But if you leave it untreated it will get worse. Here are the symptoms-

  • No control over the urge of taking drugs.
  • You want to quit but can’t do so.
  • A sudden craving for drugs.
  • Ready to do anything to get the drugs.
  • Loss of interest in works that used to interest you in the past.
  • Desire to spend time alone.
  • Lack of sense of responsibilities.
  • Risky use of drugs.
  • No tolerance.
  • No care for your health.

Drug addiction is kind of like cancer. If you treat cancer in the first stage it won’t spread much and you can recover from it. But if you leave it untreated it will keep getting worse to the point where there’s no recovery. Similarly, the best time to treat drug addiction is in its mild state. So if you see at least 2 symptoms because of taking drugs, you should go for a drug rehab program.

How to Prepare your Mind to Take a Drug Rehab Program

The first attempt to giving up drug addiction is realizing that you have fallen victim to drug addiction. If you see the symptoms mentioned earlier in yourself, you have to come to the realization that you are addicted to drugs.

So the first step that you have to take is to have a strong will power to take a drug rehab program. Drug addiction is the result of the practice of the long term. So the recovery won’t come instantly. That’s why the drug rehab programs consist of a few months.

Drug rehab programs will help you get rid of the substance of drugs that you have in your body. Then it will help you change your lifestyle and get used to life without taking any drugs. The process may take up some time but it’s proven to be the most efficient treatment for drug addiction. The success rate is very high.

So take these steps to prepare your mind to take a drug rehab program-

  • First of all, realize that drug addiction is a problem and you need to recover from it.
  • Then, remove anything from your house that reminds you of drug addiction.
  • Get rid of the friends or companies that encourage you to take drugs.
  • Point out what kind of problems the drug addiction is causing.
  • Remind yourself constantly about the problems and why you need to recover.
  • Talk to people that took drug rehab programs and had a successful recovery.
  • Let your family and friends know that you are taking a drug rehab program and ask for their support.
  • Some drug rehab programs offer pre-rehabilitation counseling. Take the counseling so that you will get a complete idea of the rehab program.

Once you have prepared your mind take the drug rehab program best suited for you.

How Drug Rehab Program Works: Phases

·         Clearing Drugs from your Body with Detoxification

In most of the drug rehab programs, detox is the first phase. This detoxification phase varies from person to person. It strongly focuses on-

  • Addiction level (Mild, moderate or severe)
  • Type of drugs you are dependent on
  • Duration of your addiction
  • How your body reacts to the absence of drugs

Many people try to detox themselves at home that put their life at risk. Because when you have been addicted for a long time, your body will show withdrawal symptoms. This phase is very crucial because the symptoms may be physical, mental or psychological. That’s why drug rehab programs keep you under supervision during this period. They may give you intravenous fluid or IV injections as a replacement, nutritional support or medical therapy to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. They help you to cope up with the change and maintain a healthy lifestyle without any drugs in your system.

When all the drugs are cleared from your body and the withdrawal symptoms are at minimal the detox phase ends.

·         Inpatient Rehab Treatment

After a successful detox phase, the next phase offers inpatient treatment. This treatment is for those who-

  • Failed in an attempt to recover from drug addiction in the past.
  • Shows too many withdrawal symptoms.
  • Have serious psychological disorders due to drug addiction.
  • Most likely to relapse again.


Inpatient treatment deals with more rooted symptoms and behaviors that developed with drug addiction. This treatment consists of counseling, meditation sessions, and sometimes medical care. In this phase, therapists constantly monitor the progress of the patient and how he is dealing with the change. He is given peer support and encouragement to stick to the rehabilitation.

·         Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)

The next step of the drug rehab program is intensive outpatient therapy, commonly known as IOP. IOP includes individual therapy sessions or group therapy, counseling, medical care and so on. It gives more freedom than detox and inpatient treatment. It’s mostly the last step of rehabilitation where the patient gets used to living without taking drugs and maintain the sobriety for the rest of his life.

But in some cases, taking the IOP therapy only is enough to recover from drug addiction. Individual intensive outpatient therapy is for people who meet the mentioned criteria-

  • Has a mild drug addiction that shows 2 to 3 symptoms.
  • Has a very strong will power to stick to the drug rehab program.
  • He doesn’t show too many withdrawal symptoms.
  • He has no risk to relapse again.


·         Sustaining Recovery

Sustaining recovery after completing a successful rehabilitation is extremely important. Because in some cases, the patient may relapse. That’s why drug rehab programs offer post-rehabilitation programs that include counseling, therapy sessions, medication treatments, meetings. This aftercare aims to maintain your healthy sober lifestyle for a lifetime.

How to Choose the Right Rehab Program

Choosing the right rehab program is extremely for a successful recovery. It’s because the intensity and type of drug addiction are different in different people. That’s why the right drug rehab program plays a very import role here.

·         Decide your needs

First point out the intensity of your addiction and what treatment you need from the rehab program. Then look for the program that can fulfill your needs.

·         Consult with Professionals

Consult with treatment professionals who will help you understand how drug rehab program works and what kind of rehab program you need for a successful recovery.

·         Look for Licensing

Drug addiction recovery has some health risks that only experts can look after. That’s why make sure to choose a rehab center that has all the licenses and good reviews for a successful recovery.

·         Take Customized Program

Drug addiction has different types and intensity. That’s why you should look for the drug rehab program that offers customization according to your health and addiction intensity.

·         Associate with After-Care Program

Aftercare programs ensure that you can maintain your sobriety for a lifetime. That’s why you should choose drug rehab programs that offer after-care programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment?

Inpatient treatment offers continuous supervision. Where outpatient treatment gives the patient more freedom and option to leave the rehab center.

How can you know if the drug rehab program was effective?

You can tell if your drug rehab program was effective by the following factors.

  • No craving for drugs.
  • No withdrawal symptoms.
  • Better psychological and mental health.
  • Stable mind.

Is the drug rehab program worth the cost?

As drug addiction messes with the brain, the most effective treatment for drug addiction is rehabilitation. If you can complete the whole rehab program, you can regain your sobriety and maintain a healthy life. So, a drug rehab program is definitely worth the cost if you can complete it.

Final Verdict

Drug rehabilitation is not an instant solution. Drug rehabilitation may take weeks to months to give you a successful recovery and maintain a healthy sober lifestyle for the rest of your life. That’s why you have to choose the right rehab program for you and be very patient with it. I hope this article helped you to know how drug rehab program works so that you can choose the best drug rehab program.