How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction has been one of the most talked-about mental and physical health complexity ever since drugs were discovered. Despite being the most talked-about issue, this intoxicating addiction has led many people to lose a lot of things within their own lives and society as a whole. We know the disadvantages and the dangers of drug addiction and how it affects us and the society but what we also need to understand is that overcoming drug addiction has never been easy at least for most of the people out there.

Addiction is a severe case of mental illness which later on takes the face of a fatal physical condition. Therefore, having a family member or a friend who is addicted to drugs can get everyone worried. Even for oneself, when you realize you are addicted to drugs you must make up your mind to overcome it. Perhaps you have tried once or thrice but you kept going back towards it and this is why you are here today clicking on this website. Overcoming addiction is said easier than done, especially when it’s related to drugs. However, on the contrary, there are so many benefits to get rid of a drug-addicted life.

Is it possible to overcome drug addiction?

The answer is yes but as much as it satisfies the question but on the other side of the spectrum there are many things that come into play. Just like the old sayings, “It’s easier said than done” but that absolutely does not contradict the possibilities of overcoming drug addiction and recovery. As common as it already isn’t in most cases the effects can be severe and one may keep on going back towards it but if they try hard enough there is a ray of hope.

In order for you to know whether if you can truly overcome addiction or not, there are many things that you need to be aware about. You must know why are drugs addictive and what causes a person to do it. A lot of us are quick to assume that recovery is based on the physical aspect but what we fail to understand that our mental state has a huge impact on this. Our brain controls our mind and our brain is controlled by certain hormones that it produces. Such hormone includes one specific hormone called Dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone which controls our happy emotion. And so many doctors also like to call it the happy hormone. Now what does this happy hormone has to do with drug addiction? Simple. When drugs enter the human body, it signals our brain to produce high levels of dopamine. The brain produces dopamine as per the number of drugs taken. Even though dopamine can be produced by any other happy events but when a person takes drugs, their brain gets dependent on it. Therefore many patients of drug addiction often find themselves going back to it.

possible to overcome drug addiction

The good news is, there is a ray of hope and if you are determined to get rid of your bad habits then there’s a ray of light. There is a substance in drugs that changes the function of the brain by 60% even when sober. Therefore the recovery stage can be a little hard. However, an expert study shows that people in their teens and twenties who were diagnosed with drug addiction have fully recovered themselves by their 30’s. Most of them were recommended professional help such as rehab and drug addiction centers.

Ways to overcome drug addiction

Dealing with an addiction doesn’t make you less of a person or means that you have a flaw. What you really need to focus on is how you can overcome it. As mentioned several times earlier, drug addiction alters the functions inside the brain and a lot of it gets dependent on it. This is why overcoming has been hard for many people. Deciding to change and overcoming your bad habits itself takes a lot of courage. Despite the hard comings, there is always hope and no matter what if you are determined to change, you will recover from this fatal disease.

STEP 1: Staying loyal to your decision

Once you discover yourself or get diagnosed with drug addiction one of the major important things that can be done at that stage is admitting that you have a problem. Reflecting on yourself is important and you need to convince yourself that you need to change. Having drug addiction gets you walking on a pedestal. You gradually lose your friends, relationships, and eventually the connection with your family members. This is why you need to stick to your decision that you will change and recover from your addiction. Nothing can stop you from recovery if you are strong-willed towards it.

STEP 2: Seeking help and reaching for treatment

It is natural that you would need professional help and support from your friends and family. This is the golden time that you reach out to your family members, friends, and colleagues to let them know that you are looking for treatment options. This will increase the chances of your recovery and will help you stay focused on your goal. A lot of people may assume that they can depend on self-recovery. Whilst the truth is that you can only use this as a form of support but complete recovery may require professional help. Therefore, you need to reach out to a rehab center or ask your dear ones to help you with that.

STEP 3: Bringing changes in your daily life

Whether you happen to be a party monster or a person who would do drugs alone, one crucial part of recovery is to make small changes. Such as disposal of the things that made you do drugs, staying clean, and keeping out of trouble. Here’s a list of things that you can do to bring changes in your life to boost recovery:

  • Avoid drinking and partying, as your brain may crave drugs again.
  • Staying out of contact from companions or friends who are involved in drugs
  • Staying clean and showering every day
  • Exercising
  • Connecting with your friends and family again.
  • Keep your hopes alive that you will change
  • Accept that everyone has flaws and there is no shame in seeking help


As horrifying drugs may sound to society but we must never forget that people with drug addiction are humans too. This is a form of illness that impacts their life from day today. Even though the decision of taking drugs was voluntary but there is no shame in seeking help once someone decides to change. Drug addiction may reach physical aspects which may be fatal but on the bright side, there are a lot of ways in which you can get rid of them. No matter how hard life gets drug addiction should never be an option for anyone, let alone thyself. If you have a friend or a family member who is addicted there are 5 Ways to Help Your Family Member With an Addiction.

There are many successful people in the world today who have been previously a victim of drug abuse. The benefits of overcoming this are undoubtedly endless but one shall never shy away from recovery. If you happen to be a person who is unable to get through it, remember that it is not worth living with an illness. Hope this article helps you.