Amar Home has been giving new life to the drug addicts for more than ten years. Amar Home is the name of the trust to the family of the patients. We have cured more than 500 patients and successfully send them back to new life. Our devotion and courtesy towards our patients make us trustworthy to our patients.

We treat all the patients like a member of our family. We convince our patients to come back in normal life with due respect and love. We select our staff through a complete scanning. Our staffs have extensive training, skill and education to tackle any situation. They know how to deal with patients. Our principal treatment options are like the following-

  • Separate counseling with family and the patient

  • Blood testing for determination of drug

  • Long term inpatient care

  • Short term outpatient care

  • Aftercare or follow up of the treatment

  • Clean birthday celebration

When someone comes to us for the first time, we try to find out his problem through counseling. Often we sit with the patient’s family separately to know more about the patients. The appropriate cause is the determinant of the treatment mode and set the timeframe. We believe if a patient gets the right care, he will not sustain his life in the curse. He will turn back to the road of life within a short time.

Before admission, we test the blood sample of a patient to know the concentration of the drug. This drug level gives us the confidence about the preparation of the beginning days of the treatment. Based on the counseling and blood test results, we suggest people inpatient or outpatient care. The long-term treatment duration is about four months. We provide 24 hours treatment for an inpatient in a homely environment. This treatment helps the patients to re-socialize.

However, we don’t leave our patient alone in the real world. Amar Home has followed up options for outpatients to remind the learning from long-term care. Our experts counsel the outpatients to inhibit the trigger source of addiction. This treatment is a short-term and vigorous follow-up.

Amar Home has another monitoring system for our patient named aftercare. In this stage, we follow up our patients after a couple of months which continues for a few years.

Amar Home has an innovative clean birthday celebration system for encouraging the patients to new life. One the new birthday, our old patients come to celebrate his birthday and share his experience of new life with our new patients. These speeches encourage the new patients to fight against the addiction and live a healthy life.

Amar Home keeps the environment homely for a patient to remove the homesickness. We motivate and support the patients and their families. We counsel both of them to live a happy life together forever.

Honesty, dedication and trustfulness to our profession are the keys to our success. We are loyal to our patients and maintain secrecy to your personal information. We care for our patients with medicine, care and respect. Our patients rely on us, which makes us the best addiction care center in Bangladesh.