In Patient

Our inpatient service includes 24×7 treatment in a homely environment. We use the renowned community based multidisciplinary treatment to alcoholic patients. Re-socialization of individuals is the focus point of the 4-months treatment plan. This treatment moves ahead by setting a short and long-term goal.


Out Patient

The outpatient program is like a continuation of the long-term project. After ending the inpatient treatment, outpatient care is a follow-up program that reminds the lessons from 4-months treatment. This program includes a inhibit method that triggers addiction.


After Care

Continuous support is necessary for a healthy recovery from the alcoholism. Treatment is an instant solution while aftercare is to sustain the result. Drug testing is a vital element of aftercare, which assures the readiness of the patient for a healthy life.


Drug Test

Prior admission, we examine the blood sample to determine the level of drug in the body. Addiction makes people dishonest while thinking for a treatment. Testing is not a treatment but facilitates the treatment and enhances the curtain.


AMAR Home residential treatment center provides an impressive quality and range of professional services, highly individualized to each client, in a compassionate and structured environment. Our internationally certified staff work full-time at AMAR Home, and provide a wealth of expertise in the field’s drug and behavioral addictions. A residential addiction rehabilitation program allows someone who is struggling in their normal environment to focus completely on successful treatment. AMAR Home provides a luxurious treatment environment that is dedicated to meeting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each client receiving care at our residential treatment centers.

Receiving therapy in a residential treatment center means that the treatment process takes place 24 hours a day. A residential treatment center is a place where key changes occur in each client. Clients learn to change their attitudes, perceptions and behaviors so that the use of drugs or alcohol or addictive behaviors are no longer necessary. Underlying problems that led to substance abuse are identified and addressed. AMAR Home offers the time and attention needed for the slow and more gradual building of recovery. We then cultivate these deep and lasting changes in their early stage and create programs for people that they can use for the rest of their lives, long after they have left our care. Clients learn solid skills to support their life-long recovery, and transition from AMAR Home residential care into the next step in the continuum of care. Aftercare planning is a big part of AMAR Home’s comprehensive services.