Family Role for Drug Prevention

Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems in today’s world. Though this term is mostly associated with young adults and teenage people, it is not a surprise that middle-aged or older people fall prey to it too. Research has shown that almost 5 to 6% of the world population is addicted to drugs. It also shows that about 2% of the world’s population are addicted to alcohol and are known to overdrink.

This problem affects everyone despite their age race country or gender. Sometimes it is seen that kids as young as 12 years olds are exposed to alcohol and drug use and start taking it mostly resulting in some form of abuse of the substance. Drug abuse can be very dangerous and deadly as it poses numerous health risks to you and the people around you as well as mental health problems. Substance abuse also vastly affects the people around you as you have less or no control over yourself during the period of abuse resulting in conflicted relationships with your loved ones.

What physical health problems does drug abuse cause?

  • Drugs such as methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, Is one of the common drugs that are available and are known to be abused by people. When one takes meth the first instant reactions result in increased heart beating, faster breathing, nausea, and dizziness.
    Research has shown that long-term use of meth can result in heart attacks, brain strokes, severe dental problems, bone decay at a young age, etc. Long-term use of meth can cause multiple of these health issues to be clustered together and result in coma or death at a very young and unusual age.
  • Marijuana or weed is another commonly used drug among everyone. This comes from a plant and even though some users of this drug would like to claim it as “safe” and “good for the heart”, science says otherwise. It has been proven several times that marijuana can cause serious harm to the lungs and the brain over a long time use.
    Marijuana uses tobacco, like cigarettes. So the use of marijuana in your body can interfere with the natural ventilation system of your lungs And also degrade your cardiovascular health by a lot. Increased use of marijuana increases your risk of having respiratory diseases like asthma as well as lung cancer. Overuse of marijuana can sometimes lead to marijuana poisoning and can cause instant death.
  • Another common substance that is usually abused is alcohol. Although most countries do not allow people under the age of 18 and sometimes 21, to access alcohol, there are loopholes to every restriction. The use of alcohol can cause your muscles not to cooperate properly and cause slower reactions to stimuli. So if you are hit with blunt force while you are under the influence of alcohol it will take a longer time for your body to react to the blunt force trauma than it would in a normal situation aka when you are not under the influence of alcohol.

Long-term use of alcohol is known to cause serious damage to the liver and the stomach. Overuse of alcohol can lead to throat infections and overdrinking of alcohol can cause instant death.

Mental health problems caused by drug abuse

Mental health problems caused by drug abuse

Drugs are notoriously known to cause serious mental health problems to everyone who uses and abuses it.

  • Long-term use of drugs can cause you to be irritated and have severe mood swings, Meaning that your mood will fluctuate between good and bad rapidly and Causing you to be Irritated most of the time and behave badly and harshly with the people around you.
  • Long-term use of drugs can also result in depression and severe anxiety. The chemicals and drugs and alcohol cause your hormones to become raged and this can cause depression and anxiety.
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol can also result in hallucinations. As drugs detach you from the world around you, You have an illusion of a Second World existing so when you are not taking drugs your brain lures you into thinking that there is a Second World and there are creatures in it straying you from the path of reality.

What is the role of the family in drug prevention?

Family plays the biggest role when it comes to drug prevention it helps and enlightens the youngsters around the house about drugs and their scary Sides. Families can help prevent drug abuse by enlightening the youngsters from an early age. They can also keep on checking the kind of peers that their children might have because drug abuse most commonly starts with the help of peers or a bad influence. This does not mean that you can completely restrict who, where, and when your child hangs out, but this means to keep an eye on your child as every guardian should.

You can sit down and talk with your younger children, especially those who are in their adolescent period. This is the most vulnerable age and other addicts can influence their minds and trick them into addiction. If you, as a parent, can mold their minds strongly against drugs, hopefully, it will be easy for them to avoid the bad influence of drugs. With a stronger mindset, they also advise their other friends who have fallen prey to the addiction.

How to help younger people to stay away from drugs?

The younger generation is the ones who are exposed to the addiction world. To help them avoid that, you can host different seminars and awareness campaigns with interactive game sessions where they can help each other build up new things or discuss books they have read. Live sessions with mental health professionals are also very helpful as they can get all of their questions answered about battling addiction.

What is the best Rehab center in Dhaka?

The best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka is Amar Home. They are an innovative drug addiction treatment center that helps you and your loved one overcome the dark forces of drug addiction and they will guide you to the path of a healthier life. Amar home is renowned for helping a lot of people overcome their drug addiction. They use effective and innovative methods, awareness campaigns, personal classes, and counseling to help people overcome their drug addiction.

Drugs and their side effects of it are very scary. But with proper measures, we can prevent the use of drugs and also keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the bad influence of drugs. This way we can lead a happier and healthier life.