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AMAR HOME is the best rehab center in Bangladesh. This is a rehab center that serves the purpose of drug abuse rehabilitation besides mental health support. The friendly and co-operative staff and doctors are what makes the patients feel at home. Besides that, they get the luxury of a residential area. The idea of having a rehab center that employs well-known doctors is a good initiative but having a friendly environment with high-quality facilities is a next-level luxury that every victim of drug abuse deserves on a general fact.

AMAR Home has been classified as the best drug rehabilitation center that employs doctors who are not only certified in drug abuse treatment but are also a professional psychiatrist. The importance of proper mental health care is an unavoidable factor when it comes to drug abuse. One thing that most doctors or rehab centers, in this case, fail to understand is that mental health plays a huge role in drug addiction. No person ever wakes up and decides to become addicted to drugs.

There’s a long history of why are drugs so addictive which we have discussed earlier. However, the main point is that drug abuse is a disease that starts with something that has afflicted someone mentally, psychologically, or emotionally. It then leads to a point where it is no longer of their control and their bodies start having physical changes such as hormonal imbalances in the brain. This strengthens and secures the addiction for a longer time and sometimes even PERMANENTLY!

Therefore, a good doctor and a comfortable environment are what personal needs as an addiction besides proper medication and other medical therapies. One more thing that is very crucial for you to understand is that in most cases, patients are required to stay in the rehab center for about a couple of weeks or even months. This usually depends on the level of drug addiction that a person possesses. As you can tell by now that besides, good doctors, a very neat and comfortable environment is a necessity for the patients. This is where AMAR Home Rehab Center in Bangladesh has exactly got what you need for this instance.

They provide a luxury apartment in a residential area as your cabin. Not to forget the perfect architecture that brings the feels of living within their own home. The location itself is in a residential area with high security and supreme luxury. There’s a lot that this particular rehab center has to offer besides effective treatment.

In our observation, we’ve witnessed the majority of people to look down upon the victims of drug addiction. It is almost very disappointing because what a lot of people fail to understand is that the influence of drug addiction comes from the mental health issue. Drug addiction is a serious mental health disorder that needs to be treated instead of making someone with the illness feeling out of the world. This furthers their desire to get more dependent on drugs as a form of escape from the stress.

Drugs give a supreme feeling of euphoria. Euphoria is a feeling that is often derived from alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumption. This enables one’s subconscious mind while disabling their consciousness. So that they don’t have to deal with the real world. This is why it is very important for a family member or a friend of an addict to understand their problem and get them the right treatment. There are many ways you can help a family member.

AMAR Home the best rehab center in Dhaka

Why is AMAR Home the best rehab center in Dhaka?

AMAR Home is a pioneer drug addiction treatment center where you get freedom from addiction and we are dedicated to helping people who are suffering from drug addiction. Our treatment program is built on the foundations of Detoxification, Therapeutic community, Psychological counseling with the influence of 12 Step based support groups.

What really fascinating about AMAR Home is that they choose their employees with high precision. They only look for certified doctors who are certified in this field. And is willing to give their best into making other people’s lives better. They have a huge record of satisfied clients who are now living a much better life than they used to. All due to the services of this rehab center. Mostly in Bangladesh, by the term rehab, a lot of people tend to think of a very restrictive and uncomfortable area.

Luckily, not with them, they have the friendliest and understanding doctors besides their cooperative staff. The best part of all is that they don’t frown upon the patients if they’re not making faster progress as expected. Their amiable nature is what the patients find more appealing. It is more likely for people to vary from another and their highly intelligent doctors understand that.

If you know someone who is going through such complexities, it is highly recommended for you to admit them here. As they have a much better service and location. Your dear one can feel safe with AMAR Home while taking the burden off your shoulders for worrying about their well-being.

Here’s one of the few reasons why you should admit your dear ones to AMAR Home-Drug Addiction Treatment Center:

  • They provide a complete range of treatment options
  • They offer an effective family support program to empower family members. This is just so they can be a part of this treatment and the patient’s recovery progresses.
  • They even have an aftercare program which provides comfortable living environments and therapeutic supports to the clients for their long term recovery.


When looking for a rehab center to admit your loved ones, there’s a lot that you should look for. Besides, the effective treatment you need to find a rehab center that is a safe haven for your dear one. Because speedy recovery is only possible when the environment is comfortable enough for the patient to be in. The psychological impact is a huge deal in this matter. So always make sure to choose a rehab center that is suited to your needs.