What Is The Role Of Family In Drug Prevention?


Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems in today’s world. Though this term is mostly associated with young adults and teenage people, it is not a surprise that middle-aged or older people fall prey to it too. Research has shown that almost 5 to 6% of the world population is addicted to drugs. It [...]

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Which Rehab Center is Best and Why?


AMAR HOME is the best rehab center in Bangladesh. This is a rehab center that serves the purpose of drug abuse rehabilitation besides mental health support. The friendly and co-operative staff and doctors are what makes the patients feel at home. Besides that, they get the luxury of a residential area. The idea of having [...]

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How to Overcome Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction has been one of the most talked-about mental and physical health complexity ever since drugs were discovered. Despite being the most talked-about issue, this intoxicating addiction has led many people to lose a lot of things within their own lives and society as a whole. We know the disadvantages and the dangers of [...]

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5 Ways to Help a Family Member With Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction can be very severe and depressing for a dear one to have. To witness a loved one having to go through addiction is one of the heartbreaking things to exist. As we already understand the severity of this disease and being aware of how it can slowly poison your loved one. This is [...]

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Why Drugs Are So Addictive?


Drug addiction is a common term used to describe a person who is attached to drugs in a very abnormal manner. The word addiction from a grammatical perspective means unhealthy dependency. However, it holds a very heavy meaning. Addiction is another word for enslavement because you become a slave to your desire of wanting something [...]

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How Drug Rehab Program Works: Everything You Need to Know


Drug addiction is a terrible practice that harms both the addict and the people surrounding him. It affects the addict physically, mentally, psychologically, and even economically. Besides, having an addict in the family also hinders the regular activities of the family, because, in most of the cases, the addict tends to have vulgar behaviors. Such [...]

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The effect of the drug related problem is unbelievable. It is intense and deep. That’s why now, Bangladesh wants to get rid of it’s Drug addiction problem. But it is not an easy task.We need to know the depth of the problem as well as the real causes of drug addiction in Bangladesh. Without [...]

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